Company Presentation RACIOLA Uhersky Brod, Ltd.

The company RACIOLA Uhersky Brod, Ltd. engaged in processing poultry, production and sale of poultry specialties. It is owned by LUKROM from which is ensured a regular flow of live poultry. LUKROM whole group has a turnover of 4.5 billion CZK and work here 750 employees. RACIOLA with a turnover of half a billion CZK provides jobs for 200 employees.

Poultry processing and production of meat products takes place in two plants with identification of CZ 8022 (operation slaughtering and portioning) and EN 1153 (meat processing). Operations are under constant surveillance by the State Veterinary Administration. At slaughter and portioning is implemented system certified HACCP system and IFS. Here annually processes approximately 8 mil. pieces of poultry. Hourly capacity to slaughter 6,000 chickens, which comes exclusively from closed Czech and Slovak partially farms. The process of chickens is monitored from the chick, through the preparation of compound feed, to the fattening and finishing.
You will find all the frozen and chilled poultry, chicken parts and meat products. Above all, it is the quality of the ham, ham cuts, sausages, sausages and other specialties.

The products are supplied to retail chains, wholesalers, retail chains and catering segment. In our region, you can visit a network of corporate stores in Uherský Brod, Uherské Hradiště, Veselí n./M. and Brno.
In Raciola involves the processing of live chickens, which are supplied by the parent company LUKROM. 94% comes from Moravia and 6% from Slovakia. Everything takes place in a closed system farming, when the company delivers LUKROM breeders day chicken, mash and chicken and redeem reclassified to RACIOLA where processing takes place. The whole fattening them from beginning to end is monitored so that the chicken had optimal conditions for growth, which has a direct impact on the quality of meat.

Bringing in live chickens and subsequent processing is performed under strict rules of welfare. The entire operation slaughtering and portioning is under the supervision of the State Veterinary Administration. Care is taken to observe strict hygiene standards in relation to the IFS. An essential part of the observance temperature chain not only in service, but also in shipping and transportation of products to the customer. Chicken processing in our society takes place every working day, so we are able to offer our customers a daily fresh and quality meat from the vicinity of Uhersky Brod.

RACIOLA Uherský Brod, s.r.o.
Pod Valy 221, 688 01 Uherský Brod
ičo: 255 32 073|dič: CZ 255 32 073
tel.: +420 800 626 626
fax: +420 572 626 606

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